An anticancer drug: a world first water-soluble prodrug type curcumin injectable which can achieve the incomparable bioavailability as a free form of curcumin.

One of the major compounds of the well-known curry spice turmeric is curcumin. The curcumin is known for its anti-cancer properties, and so, developments/experiments are widely conducted for taking advantage of these functionalities for applying anti-cancer drugs. However, up to now it hasn’t been possible to obtain the expected anti-cancer efficiency due to the low bioavailability caused by the high and fast excretions.

Quoted from Kakeya, H. et al., Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 2017.
Partial modification.

Thanks to the researches of Kyoto University, the water-soluble prodrug type curcumin CMG(Curcumin Mono Glucuronide), which turns into curcumin in the body and this injectable containing this CMG could increase its bioavailability about a 1,000~10,000 higher than normal curcumin. The anti-cancer effects of CMG by intravenous injection was observed in various animal experiments (in vivo).


Fluorescent agent (curcumin) for the detection of submillimeter size tumors,
contributing which are to very early stage of cancers.

Until now, tumors smaller than one millimeters have been considered difficult to detect. In order to make it possible, we are developing a fluorescent agent using curcumin. This technology, developed under the collaboration with one university.


Development of functional materials from the nature with high bioavailability for supplements and food categories.

Using our technical knowledge and know-how about natural compound, we will increase the bioavailability of the functional materials. We will apply not only our technologies/ideas to supplements, but also daily food such as chocolate, gummi candies, drinks etc.